Sponsorship Policy

Sund & Bælt’s sponsorship policy includes support for activities across Storebælt and activities that improve the environment. Sponsorships are awarded on the basis of a written application.

Essentially, we support activities that meet the following criteria:

  • Promoting activities across Storebælt
  • Promoting exercise and health
  • Contributing to a better environment
  • Helping to improve the integration of socially disadvantaged groups

These criteria may be waived if Sund & Bælt finds projects that are particularly relevant for the company to participate in.

Financial support and free tickets can be granted for tours of the Storebælt Bridge.

Support is primarily granted to voluntary organisations working with children, young people or the socially disadvantaged.

Support is not granted to individuals or individual local associations for driving across Storebælt.

Support is granted to any event of a nationwide character that helps to create a more cohesive Denmark.

Sponsorships are awarded on the basis of a written application to Sund & Bælt and are processed in the company’s marketing department. We receive many requests and can only support a limited number of activities.