Knowledge from Storebælt now available as e-books

Footprints along a fishing fence and an old stone axe are among the finds unearthed by archaeologists at Rødby at the upcoming Fehmarnbelt link. The knowledge they are relying on includes that from excavations at Storebælt – and this knowledge is now available in e-book form, and is therefore easier to access in the field.

There is particular interest in the book about the archaeological excavations,Storebælt i 10.000 år (Storebælt in 10,000 years) because it is currently being used in connection with excavation work at the upcoming Fehmarnbelt link. Lisbeth Pedersen, archaeologist and former head of Kalundborg Museum, is co-editor of the book and made contact with Sund & Bælt in the spring with a request to digitise the books.

“We have had many enquiries about Storebælt i 10.000 år, which has become a standard work in university environments and on excavation projects. The excavations at Rødby are based in particular on the knowledge we gained from Storebælt, and is therefore very topical,” explains Lisbeth Pedersen.

Sund & Bælt welcomed the idea, which will make the accumulated knowledge and know-how readily available the world over – not to mention easier for archaeologists to access.

“When we dig, for example at the upcoming Fehmarnbelt link, it is certainly easier to have the information easily accessible on an iPad, rather than having a weighty volume on site,” says Lisbeth Pedersen.

The book on the archaeological sites is one of five volumes on the construction of the Storebælt link, which were published in connection with the opening, and contain comprehensive technical documentation of the bridge and tunnel facility.

“Universities and other academic institutions still ask for detailed technical descriptions of the projects, and the only real answer is to offer these digitally of course,” says Communications Manager at Sund & Bælt, Lene Gebauer Thomsen.

Denmark’s next mega project – the Fehmarnbelt tunnel – has increased interest in both the technology and archaeology.

All five volumes can be found on the Sund & Bælt website and will shortly be available in Danish libraries. The book on the archaeological excavations will also be available to download from Kulturstyrelsen (the Danish Agency for Culture) and a number of museum websites in the New Year. The books run to between 200 and 400 pages.

Find the five books her.

For more information:

Lene Gebauer Thomsen, Communications Manager, Sund & Bælt, mobile 21 70 44 50 or email

Lisbeth Pedersen, Special Consultant, mobile 23 32 53 67 or

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