Øresunds jernbane

A/S Øresund to take over operation and maintenance of the Øresund railway

The Øresund motorway and the Øresund railway to Copenhagen Airport and the Øresund Bridge is one of the most important transport links in Denmark.

A/S Øresund, which is part of Sund & Bælt, is the owner and operator of the Øresund motorway. The company also owns the Øresund railway and, according to an executive order that has just been submitted for consultation, maintenance of and reinvestment in the line will be transferred from Banedanmark to A/S Øresund on 1 September.

The motorway opened in 1997, the railway in 1998, with the links representing a boost to mobility in local, regional, national and international terms. Copenhagen as the capital, for example, had been long overdue a modern and efficient transport link between the centre and the airport; passengers and airport staff had previously had to transport themselves via local roads. Along with the Øresund Bridge, which opened on 1 July 2000, the road and railway were also a prerequisite for the development of Ørestad on Amager and much of the rest of the infrastructure expansion and new construction throughout the eastern part of the Capital Region.

When A/S Øresund’s landworks were still on the drawing board, the ambition was to build a functioning, environmentally friendly and stylish traffic facility. The operative words included embedding, covering, sound barriers and adaptation to the very different environments through which they were to run.

As one of Denmark’s most important routes, it is already apparent that the Øresund railway will have more trains when the plan for the Ring Syd (Southern Ring), with trains continuing from Ny Ellebjerg to Kastrup, is put into operation, along with a number of freight trains when the fixed link to Germany across the Fehmarnbelt is completed. In addition, the airport has plans to continue to grow to an annual passenger volume of 40 million passengers – cf their vision from 2014. Greater capacity is needed and work is going ahead on plans to upgrade the railway and the station at the airport to carry more traffic.

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