A/S Storebælt

A/S Storebælt is a subsidiary of Sund & Bælt Holding A/S

Storebælt A/S owns and operates the 18 km long Storebælt link, which comprises two bridges and one tunnel.

The Storebælt fixed link also includes Sprogø Offshore Wind Farm, which comprises seven wind turbines. Sprogø, in the middle of Storebælt, connects the two bridges and the tunnel. As part of the construction work, the island was expanded and is now four times its original size.

A/S Storebælt is responsible for the technical operation and maintenance of the road link and the maintenance of the rail link.

A/S Storebælt owns four ports north and south of the Storebælt fixed link. These are Odden and Ebeltoft and Spodsbjerg and Taars.

Most of the 137 employees at Sund & Bælt are employed at the Storebælt Bridge. In addition, around 200 employees are employed at private companies, which manage the operational and maintenance tasks on the Storebælt Bridge.

Visit the Board of Directors and Management of A/S Storebælt and read Articles of Association.