Storebælt østbro vej

Automatic measuring of vehicles

A vehicle’s toll category – the price that is paid for crossing the bridge – is determined on the basis of the vehicle’s length and height.

In each of the toll station’s lanes, there are two independent classification systems, which assist with the automatic measurement of the vehicles that drive through the facility.

  • A stereoscopic camera system which, via two sets of cameras in the toll station’s canopy, measures the vehicle’s three dimensions and transmits the information to the system’s computer.
  • A light curtain based on invisible infra-red light, which is transmitted from light emitters in posts on one side of the lane to sensors in posts on the other side. When a vehicle breaks the light beams, its category is automatically determined.

Each lane has up to four CCTV cameras of which one or two photographs the vehicle’s number plate to be used as evidence in the event of payment disputes. At the entry to the lanes, there is a barrier and a red/green traffic light indicating closed or open lanes.

All lanes have exit lights and barriers as well as a display which informs motorists about the category of vehicle, the toll fee and whether payment is approved. The concrete buffers between the lanes protect personnel and equipment against collisions.

The buffers are able to withstand impact from even large vehicles. In the Brobizz lanes, railings serve as protection in specific transitional areas.

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