BroBizz Operator A/S

Established on 7 December 2017, BroBizz Operator A/S is a 100 per cent owned subsidiary of BroBizz A/S. The company has been established in the first instance to deliver Denmark’s first Free Flow payment system at Kronprinsesse Mary’s Bridge.

BroBizz Operator A/S has been established in accordance with the Sund & Bælt Group’s legal framework and, on market conditions, to provide for the establishment, operation and maintenance of electronic toll systems. The company can thus draw on the extensive knowledge and experience in respect of the establishment and operation of payment systems that are inherent in the Sund & Bælt group from the construction and operation of the Great Belt fixed link. In the first instance, the company has been formed with the objective of delivering Denmark’s first Free Flow payment system at Kronprinsesse Mary’s Bridge.

The company will also be able to offer other payment systems at user-financed infrastructure in Denmark, including toll collection solutions such as payment by means of an in-vehicle device, automatic number plate recognition and the like.

See the Board of Directors and Management – BroBizz Operator A/S

The new payment facilities at Kronprinsesse Mary’s Bridge

Denmark’s first Free Flow payment system will be established at Kronprinsesse Mary’s Bridge at Frederikssund. The system will allow motorists to drive through the toll plaza without having to reduce their speed to pay the toll. Instead, customers will pay through their registered Bizz device or number plate. The Danish Road Directorate, the body responsible for the construction of the link, has put the establishment and operation of the payment system out for tender.

This process commenced in November 2017 and, according to the current timetable, will be completed in August 2018. BroBizz Operator A/S is among the seven pre-qualified applicants.

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