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Financial calendar 2017

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Financial Calendar 2017 for Sund & Bælt Holding A/S, including the subsidiaries A/S Storebælt, A/S Øresund, Sund & Bælt Partner A/S, Femern Bælt A/S, A/S Femern Landanlæg and BroBizz A/S

New deputy-chairman in A/S Øresund’s board of directors

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The Danish Government has decided that Mr. Jørn Tolstrup Rohde will take seat of the board of directors of A/S Øresund and as new deputy-chairman of the board. The current deputy chairmen, David P. Meyer and Carsten Koch, are resigning as board members and as deputy chairmen of the board of directors.

Sund & Bælt: Annual Results

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Sund & Bælt exited 2016 with a profit that is approximately DKK 180 million above the outlook for the year. A 4.4% increase in traffic across Storebælt and continuing low interest expenses had a positive impact on the result, while extraordinary write-downs in the second half of the year and reduced revenue from the railway had a negative impact on the result.