Construction costs for the Storebælt link

The construction costs of the various major infrastructure facilities are financed through the state guarantee model and the loans are repaid by the users of the facilities.

The cost of building the Storebælt link is around DKK 26.44 billion in 1988 prices (corresponding to approximately DKK 39 billion in 2018 prices). The road and railway account for roughly half of the construction cost.

The entire construction cost, including interest, is repaid solely by the users, i.e. motorists and Banedanmark. In 2017, motorists paid DKK 3,164 million in bridge tolls while the annual fees from Banedanmark amount to DKK 348 million.

At the end of 2017, A/S Storebælt’s interest-bearing net debt totalled approximately DKK 20,3 billion.

Today, the repayment period totales 34 years, whereby the debt is expected to be repaid in 2032. This will extend the payback period by 4 years compared to 2016.

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