Construction costs for the Øresund Bridge

The construction costs of the various major infrastructure facilities are financed through the state guarantee model and the loans are repaid by the users of the facilities.

The construction costs for the Øresund Bridge total DKK 14.8 billion in 1990 prices (corresponding to approximately DKK 24 billion in 2015 prices).

The entire construction costs, including interest, are repaid solely by the users, i.e. the motorists and Banedanmark and Svenska Banverket. In 2015, motorists paid DKK 1,271 million in bridge tolls while the annual fee for use of the railway totalled DKK 494 million.

At the end of 2015, Øresundsbro Konsortiet’s interest-bearing net debt totalled DKK 14.7 billion. Since 2014, the repayment period has been increased by 1 year to 34 years from the opening year of 2000.