Danish bridge experience exported to the US

Through its consultancy company, Partner A/S, Sund & Bælt is part of an international group of experts that is helping the company responsible for the operation and maintenance of a newly established suspension bridge between San Francisco and Oakland – the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge. The group consists of five bridge managers from Scotland, Hong Kong, the US and Denmark.

Leif J Vincentsen, Technical Director at Sund & Bælt and CEO of Sund & Bælt Partner A/S, heads the group.

“We had an excellent visit over there in October, where we were able to inspect the bridge construction. Now we have to prepare a report with recommendations for their operations managers on the future operation and maintenance of the bridge,” says Leif J. Vincentsen.

The bridge itself is an important traffic link with five lanes in each direction. 280,000 vehicles cross it every day. This is approximately ten times as many users as the Storebælt bridge.

Vincentsen replaced Peter Lundhus as CEO of Partner A/S in July 2014. Lundhus, who had held the post since 2001, has now retired but he will still act as consultant to Femern A/S and assist with ongoing tasks in Partner A/S during a transitional phase.

“We have gathered a huge knowledge resource from the Storebælt and the Øresund links, and it is important that we retain certain people with regard to advice and planning on the upcoming Fehmarnbelt link. Peter Lundhus’ vast experience allowed us to set up a consulting company in 2001, which offers advice on a commercial basis, i.e. without government guarantees,” explains Leif J. Vincentsen.

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