Danish Businesses pushing greater commitment to technology

Denmark’s technological alliance, Engineer the future, has increased its membership significantly over the past month and is now made up of 40 companies, educational institutions and organisations.

Several of the country’s major companies are among the new partners and these include Novo Nordisk, HOFOR and Microsoft  – and now Sund & Bælt has also joined.

The Engineer the future partners work to bring Danish engineers and technology experts to the forefront so that there will be many more with expertise and specialisation in natural sciences and technical sciences in the future.

“We support this initiative because we want to help ensure that Denmark remains at the forefront in the infrastructure arena. We are there right now, for example, with the Fehmarnbelt link, but when this work really gets started, we will need even more skilled engineers who can help to boost the legacy of the great bridge and tunnel builders for which Denmark is known. Furthermore, operation and maintenance of infrastructure facilities also requires expertise,” explains Lars Fuhr Pedersen, Technical Director at Sund & Bælt.

Will excite and inspire the young

It is a win for Engineer the future when new partners get on board in the work to ensure that Denmark as a society focuses even more on prioritising technology – both in terms of education and research. Together, we can ensure even greater visibility and recognition of the results that engineers are helping to create,” says Engineer the future Chairman, Frida Frost.

“Denmark must commit much more to technological development, including more funds for, among other things, technical research and there is no doubt that our roots in educational institutions, organisations and businesses receive a great response in the political world,” she says.

Engineer the future is an impetus for dialogue on engineering, shows the cool side of the profession and creates recognition and respect for those who are looking into or already making progress in it. Ultimately, the young part of the target group should see itself in the role of engineer and look in that direction when choosing education and training.

“We want to enthuse young people and inspire others by telling them about the exciting life we have in a time of rapid technological development. The more who get involved in the work, the more we are heard,” says Frida Frost.

The new partners in Engineer the future in addition to Sund & Bælt are:

NNE Pharmaplan, BK Medical, FORCE Technology, NNIT, Novo Nordisk, Scandinavian Micro Biodevices, GEO, Cheminova, Kirkholm Maskiningeniører, HOFOR, Microsoft, FM Larsen Consulting Engineers, JDM Consulting Engineers ApS

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