Dehumidification project on Storebælt delayed

UK specialist engineering business, Spencer Group, has not succeeded in completing the season’s major task of supplying the East Bridge cables with a protective plastic casing. The strong plastic wrapping and a dehumidifying system are to protect the East Bridge suspension cables against moisture ingress and corrosion.

A/S Storebælt therefore expects that the crew on the four working platforms, who have been working on the East Bridge suspension cables since spring, will go into “hibernation” from October and not resume and complete the work until the spring.

The reason for the delay is mainly because the thermal blankets, used to shrink the plastic wrapping around the cables, have not met Spencer Group’s requirements of its US subcontractor.

A/S Storebælt believes that Spencer Group will manage to complete over half of the assignment before the autumn weather puts a stop to the work high up on the East Bridge cables.

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