How to determine bridge tolls

The Storebælt and Øresund links are built on different assumptions, which means, among other things, that their tolls are not comparable.

Financing of the bridges

  • The Storebælt and Øresund bridges were built with borrowed money. It cost DKK 21.4 billion (1988 prices) to build the Storebælt bridge. The Øresund bridge cost DKK 14.8 billion (1990 prices) with the additional cost of the landworks in connection with the bridge costing DKK 5.4 billion (1991 prices).
  • The Storebælt link is expected to be repaid in 2030, approximately 32 years after the opening of the road link. The Øresund fixed link is expected to be repaid in 2033, approximately 34 years after its opening.
  • The loans for the two facilities are underwritten through the state guarantee model. Read about the model HERE.
  • At the end of 2013, the Storebælt bridge had a net interest-bearing debt of DKK 24.3 billion, while the equivalent for the Øresund bridge was DKK 16.6 billion.
  • The Storebælt bridge is owned by the Danish state, while the Øresund bridge is owned by the Danish and Swedish states.


  • The users of the Storebælt and Øresund fixed links pay for the facilities.
  • The tolls are set primarily in order that, at any point, the two companies are able to service their debts.
  • The tolls for driving over the Storebælt fixed link are regulated through a 2005 political agreement and are also inflation-adjusted annually with reference to the consumer price index.
  • The tolls on the Øresund fixed link are regulated by market conditions and competition. This was decided in the 1992 Consortium Agreement between the Danish and Swedish owners. The Board of Directors sets the tolls and discounts.

Green transport policy and growth package

  • The political agreement on a green transport policy, signed in January 2009, means that A/S Storebælt has to contribute to financing through dividend payment until 2022. This extends the repayment period by six years.
  • Dividends of DKK 900 million were paid for the first time in 2013. The remaining amount will be paid up to 2022 and will depend on the operating profits.
  • In 2014 as part of financing the spring Growth Package, politicians decided to reduce the payment to A/S Storebælt for the operation of the railway line between Nyborg and Korsør Station by DKK 200 million annually. This decision means that the repayment period was extended by one year. The repayment period for the link is currently 32 years.
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