A lorry driver’s experience on the bridge

You have probably driven across the Storebælt Bridge in slightly windy conditions and suddenly things start to feel a bit jerky. Two hands on the steering wheel – focus – and you get to the end of the bridge safely. But for others, a trip across the Storebælt Bridge was a more intense experience.

Every year, an average of three vehicles overturn on the Storebælt Bridge due to wind, which results in several hours of long queues. In total, the bridge has been closed for 22 hours because of accidents caused by vehicles overturning in the wind.

Kristian, a lorry driver, drove across the bridge one windy day in December. He had heard that the Storebælt Bridge had cautioned drivers of vehicles vulnerable to wind against driving across the bridge. He knew that his lorry was empty but weighed 9 tonnes anyway. One would have thought that a bit of wind wouldn’t be a problem.  Despite the warning, Kristian decided to drive across the bridge.

“When I got on the bridge, I started to think that I should never have done it. The further I drove on, the worse it became so I gradually reduced my speed,” explains Kristian.

“As I drove past the pylons, I prayed to God and promised Him that if He just made sure that I got over to the other side safely, I would never drive in such conditions again.”

Shortly afterwards, when Kristian had reached the other side safely, the bridge was closed to all traffic. The wind had reached over 25 m/s, and conditions were too dangerous. The bridge was closed for 10 hours.

Since that day, Kristian has never driven across the Storebælt Bridge in strong winds. When he senses that high winds are on the way, he always makes sure that he is updated on the weather conditions before he drives on to the bridge. An information board tells you whether you need to drive carefully and reduce your speed. And windsocks are not just there for decoration – they enable drivers to see where the wind is coming from.

Read more about when you need to be aware of windy conditions.

Listen to our PodCast (only in danish) where Kristian recounts his experience on the bridge

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