Think of your own and others safety before you drive across the bridge in strong winds

Vehicles have overturned on the Storebælt Bridge no fewer than 65 times because of strong winds, and the bridge has had to be closed for 22 hours. The drivers concerned are not the only ones affected by such incidents – other road users are also exposed to danger and long queues often arise.

If you cross the bridge in a wind-vulnerable vehicle in really strong winds, your vehicle may – in the worst-case scenario – overturn.

But it is not only dangerous for you and the passengers in your vehicle. When a vehicle overturns on the bridge, other road users can be put at risk. What’s more, several thousand drivers can be forced to sit in queues for hours, which is costly – both for society and for business.

Facts: If you cannot cross the bridge

If you find yourself in a situation where you cannot cross the bridge because it is too windy, you can pull in on both sides of the bridge.

On Funen, you can pull in at the lay-by at Monarch cafeteria at Exit 44.

On Zealand, you can pull in at the Q8 petrol station at Exit 43. Information on when you can drive across the bridge again is available at both places.

Traffic information

Keep updated about conditions on the Storebælt Bridge via traffic reports at:

  • Sund & Bælt’s Twitter-profile (@sbaelt)
  • Storebælt Bridge’s Facebook profile
  • Traffic radio

Or by registering for our SMS service (text BRO INFO to 1231).

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