Data monitors the condition of bridges, tunnels and railway lines

Using data, a new digital solution known as Maximo for Civil Infrastructure, will analyse the condition of the infrastructure and when it is time to maintain it.

Bridges, tunnels and railway lines are areas under constant scrutiny. They are regularly inspected and made safe so that travellers can get to their chosen destination. But there are many challenges associated with ensuring the highest quality standards and operating and maintaining an infrastructure asset owing to limited accessibility.

New digital solution assesses the condition of the infrastructure

In partnership with IBM, Sund & Bælt is developing a digital solution that supports the efficient operation and maintenance of the infrastructure. The partnership combines IBM’s digital solutions with Sund & Bælt’s twenty years’ experience in maintaining some of the world’s largest bridges and tunnels. The new digital solution, whose product name is Maximo for Civil Infrastructure, can determine both the bridge and tunnel’s condition and when intervention is required. Sund & Bælt uses the solution to accurately assess when and to what extent a bridge or tunnel requires maintenance. It gives Sund & Bælt the opportunity to monitor infrastructure maintenance in real-time on a secure, simplified and scalable platform.

Various data sources contribute to an enormous fund of knowledge

Various data sources are processed and systematised in computers, which can accurately detect when Sund & Bælt should take action on aging infrastructure.

The new solution means that Sund & Bælt can save time on maintenance work, as the data sends out an alert when further maintenance is required. This saves hours of manual maintenance work because an employee does not have to venture out on to the infrastructure at regular intervals.

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