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New measuring trolley for inspecting railway points

Increasing demands as regards safety and the working environment during inspections coupled with the advance of new technologies have resulted in Sund & Bælt’s deployment of a new measuring trolley known as Diamond-S for points inspection.

The measuring trolley can quickly and easily handle points inspections and hence play a role in raising safety standards and the digitalisation of operational tasks.

Sund & Bælt’s railway system includes 27 km double track on the Storebælt fixed link and 11 km double track across the Øresund Landanlæg railway, including 85 sets of points which always have to be in excellent condition. This puts increasing demands on quality assurance, operations and maintenance so that travellers can reach their destinations seamlessly.

From paper to digital streamlining

Caption: Until now, measurements were made using a track target, as in the picture. With the new measuring trolley, the many physically demanding difficulties disappear. At the same time, data is collected digitally, which ensures consistent and highly accurate measurements. Photo: Strukton.

With the new Diamond-S robot, it is possible to measure every control target in a points system very accurately every time it is inspected. The data collected from the points is recorded on an SD card.

Before now, contractors had to write the data down on paper and hand it to a technical assistant, who would enter it digitally. This was then checked by a supervisor and, if approved, was archived.

Sund & Bælt is currently investigating whether the digital data from the SD card can be transferred directly into the operation and maintenance system.

“The entering of data digitally gives us a great opportunity to predict how the points will behave,” says Finn Bormlund, Project Manager, Data & Digitalisation at Sund & Bælt. “It will help us with our long-term planning, for example, and means that the measuring trolley also plays a part in optimising our operation and maintenance.”

The measuring trolley was supplied by the French manufacturer, Geismar.

Caption:  A team from the manufacturer, Geismar, shows Flemming Saxtorph, Project Manager at Sund og Bælt, how the measuring trolley, Diamond-S, is operated. They are pictured here at the Storebælt fixed link. Photo: Finn Bormlund.

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