What is a wind-vulnerable vehicle?

Wind-vulnerable vehicles are particularly exposed on the Storebælt Bridge. Does your vehicle fall into that category? These are the vehicles that are affected when we advise against driving across the bridge in strong winds.

When the wind reaches 15 m/s or over, we advise drivers of wind-vulnerable vehicles against crossing the Storebælt Bridge. But what is it about some vehicles that make them extra vulnerable in windy weather?

By wind-vulnerable vehicles, we mean light vehicles such as caravans, high-sided trailers, lorries with or without light cargo and articulated HGVs.

The following are some examples of wind-vulnerable vehicles:

  • Lorries with or without trailers/semi-trailers
  • Transit vans
  • Camper vans
  • Caravans

(Please note that the list is not exhaustive and that crossing the bridge is at your own risk).

Some helpful advice

When driving an empty curtain-sided lorry, your vehicle is vulnerable to wind. The wind surface area can be reduced by tying both curtain sides before you cross the bridge, which is often enough to ensure that the vehicle is no longer vulnerable to wind. (Remember to fasten the sides securely).

Driving across the bridge in strong wind can be dangerous due to strong gusts of wind from the side. Particular caution should be taken around the pylons (the 254 m high columns above the roadway that support the bridge) and the anchor blocks (the large triangular blocks below the level of the roadway).

If you are able to plan your journey across the bridge, check out our wind forecast at storebaelt.dk (in Danish). This tells you when we expect strong wind on the bridge.

Traffic information

Keep updated about conditions on the Storebælt Bridge via traffic reports at:

  • Storebaelt.dk
  • Sund & Bælt’s Twitter-profile (@sbaelt)
  • Storebælt Bridge’s Facebook profile
  • Traffic radio

Or by registering for our SMS service (text BRO INFO to 1231).

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