New crash cushions enhance motorists safety

Unfortunately speed is often far too high when motorists approach the toll station at the Storebælt Bridge. Should a car hit one of the concrete buffers in the credit card lanes, the consequences could be serious. As concrete blocks don’t give an inch, a motorist and their passengers could sustain serious injury.

Although no serious accidents have ever occurred, Storebælt has increased safety levels in the lanes by installing new shock absorbing crash cushions. The new cushions, which are of the type Crashguard P800, have been installed in the credit card lanes – four lanes westbound and four lanes eastbound.

”Almost all drivers exceed the recommended speed limit at the toll station,” says Jan Lyngsø, Operations Manager at A/S Storebælt. “Some approach the facility at speeds of 80 km per hour, which can have major consequences if, for example, a vehicle’s brakes fail.  We know that if a driver collides with a wall at 60 km, the impact can be disastrous. The new shock absorption we have just installed operate almost like an accordion and fold together on impact and absorb the energy from the vehicle.”

Crashguard P800, tested for maximum impact speed of 100 km/h, can be compared with TMAs – Truck Mounted Attenuators – which are extensively used as “barrier” vehicles.

Possible use of crash cushions in BroBizz lanes

In front of the concrete buffers in the BroBizz lanes are 16m long double steel crash barriers, primarily to protect the payment equipment. The crash barriers also offer protection to drivers in the event of a collision with the concrete buffers. Storebælt is now also considering protecting the BroBizz lanes in the same way as the credit card lanes.

For further details, please contact A/S Storebælt’s Operations Manager Jan Lyngsø, e-mail: or tel: +45 51 15 16 90.

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