Saltspredning på østbroen

Operation of Storebælt’s road and railway

A number of operational tasks on both the Storebælt fixed link and Storebælt’s railway are outsourced. Some of the tasks are outsourced in partnership with Banedanmark.

On the Storebælt fixed link, there are a number of operational tasks, many of which are outsourced. The most important tasks in relation to the road link operations are:

  • Staffing of the O room and toll station. The task entails customer service at the toll booths, monitoring of the bridge and toll station and alerting the emergency services in the event of an accident.
  • Road operations: salting, snow clearance and the setting up of temporary road markings in connection with maintenance tasks.
  • Maintenance of mechanical and electrical installations. The task entails maintaining the installations at the toll station (including cameras and light curtains) and maintaining the bridge installations (i.e. structural lighting as well as checks and replacement of road signs).

Operation of the railway

All maintenance tasks on Storebælt’s rail section from Korsør to Nyborg are outsourced.

Some of these tasks, e.g. maintenance of transmission, radio, information systems and track as well as catenary measurements, ultra-sound measurements and rail grinding of track and points are outsourced with Banedanmark, and covered by national contracts. The most important maintenance tasks are:

  • Norm-based maintenance and safety inspections of track and points;
  • Norm-based maintenance and safety inspections of dams and drainage from the track facility;
  • Norm-based maintenance and safety inspections of the safety and catenary systems;
  • Replacement of worn out components;
  • Cleaning and winter services at stations.

In addition, Storebælt carries out its own inspections of the track, the signalling and remote control systems as well as the telecommunications, radio and catenary systems.  Storebælt has its own traction current centre from where the engaging and disengaging of the 25kV catenary system takes place.

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