Øresundsbanen Vestamager

Operation of the Øresund fixed link – road and rail

Operation and maintenance on the Øresund motorway and the Øresund railway has been outsourced to external suppliers. With effect from 1 September 2015, A/S Øresund assumed responsibility for the maintenance of the line from Banedanmark.

A/S Øresund has outsourced all operations and maintenance on the Øresund motorway. Among the most important are the operation and maintenance of the Tårnby tunnel, the pumping stations, the signalling system and other mechanical and electrical installations. In addition, general road operations, including monitoring, winter services, green maintenance and post-accident remedial action have been outsourced. A number of operational contracts have been entered into with the Danish Road Directorate.

Sund & Bælt’s objective is for the company’s motorway sections to be open around the clock, throughout the year, and for traffic to flow smoothly and safely with a high service level and as few disruptions from operations and maintenance as possible. Traffic accidents are prevented through pro-active measures and it should be at least as safe to drive on the company’s sections as on other motorways in Denmark.

A SCADA system (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) monitors ventilation, lighting, traffic management and operational status in the Tårnby tunnel and the water level of the groundwater along the facility.

Operation of the Øresund railway

A/S Øresund assumed responsibility for the maintenance of the Øresund railway from Banedanmark on 1 September 2015.  As with the motorway, external contractors operate and maintain the line.

The Øresund railway must be safe – both for its users and for the personnel who work on it. Traffic on the Øresund railway is monitored and controlled from the regional remote control centre at Copenhagen Central Station (RFC Kh) where staff have an overview of the traffic and the ability to intervene at the automatic control centre. Information for passengers also originates from here.

The Øresund railway is equipped with a modern, fully electronic interlocking system, Ebilock 850. Together with ATC (Automatic Train Control), the interlocking system provides users with maximum safety and the railway with significant capacity. The interlocking systems are normally operated from the remote control centre at Copenhagen Central Station (RFC Kh). For handling faults, local service areas have been set up for the interlocking systems at Copenhagen Airport and at Kalvebod.

ATC functions as an adjunct to the interlocking and line block system. ATC transmits information from the interlocking system to the train – and vice versa. The transmitter and receiver are mounted on the train and at lineside respectively.

Until 2021, Banedanmark will be replacing the signalling systems on the rail network across Denmark in favour of the common European system ERTMS level 2, which eliminates the majority of external signals in favour of signals directly into the driver’s own control panel. This also applies to the Øresund line, and will generally mean greater operational safety, punctuality and capacity for more trains on the rail line.

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