Sund & Bælt puts high profile offshore wind turbines up for sale

Sund & Bælt has launched the sales process for the Group’s seven offshore wind turbines, located north of Sprogø in the Great Belt.

The decision to do so is the consequence of a new business strategy that has Sund & Bælt increasing the focus on its core business of infrastructure and payment management.

The wind turbines, manufactured by Vestas, are being sold through an open tender to ensure a broad range of interested Danish and foreign buyers and to achieve the best price.

– We believe it is a good time to sell the wind turbines as there is increasing awareness of the importance of green energy in both Denmark and across Europe. We are committed to that agenda, but we also believe that the wind farm can be run more efficiently by a larger player in the market. We are currently implementing a new business strategy, and the sale of the turbines will mean that we can focus solely on infrastructure and payment management, says Sund & Bælt’s CEO, Mikkel Hemmingsen.

Sprogø Offshore Wind Farm entered production at the end of 2009, just prior to Denmark hosting the COP15 climate conference in Copenhagen. Since then, the turbines have generated the power for running the Great Belt link, with the surplus being sold into the electricity market. With their location in Great Belt near Sprogø, the turbines have a particularly high visibility and can be seen by the some 25 million road and rail travellers who use the Great Belt link annually. The farm generates approximately 66 million kWh annually, which corresponds to the annual electricity consumption of more than 16,000 homes.

In advance of the construction of the offshore wind turbines, extensive environmental studies were carried out, which included ensuring a continued good habitat for the area’s stock of porpoises and also taking into account Sprogø’s large bird population and the protected green toad. Subsequent studies have shown that the foundations of the turbines have helped to strengthen the marine environment, creating new habitats with major fish concentrations, as well as breeding grounds for mussels – a food source for larger animals in the area, including those porpoises and birds.

The wind turbines have high reliability and are so effective that they have an uptime that is amongst the highest for Vestas’ entire stock of offshore wind turbines of this type throughout the world. The Danish Energy Agency has thus far granted permission to produce green power from the turbines until 2034.

The sales process will be managed through an open tender process, and the turbines will be sold as one to the highest bidder. The buyer will acquire seven wind turbines with a great location and a high profile.

Update on sales process as at 1st December 2017

Round 1 of the sales process is now completed and indicative offers have been received from interested buyers. Round 2 begins on Monday, 4th December with the opening of the data room. The sales process follows the process specified in the ‘Sales Process’ document. In future, no further details of the implementation of the sale will be published on our website. All enquiries should be referred to Holger Nikolaj Jensen from ESP Consulting at or tel:  + 45 20 91 85 73.

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