Storebælts jernbane solnedgang

Rail safety

The monitoring of rail traffic takes place from Banedanmark’s regional remote control centre in Roskilde. The monitoring of the tunnel is via the SCADA system.

Rail traffic on Storebælt’s rail section from Korsør to Nyborg is managed and monitored from the Regional Remote Control Centre in Roskilde. The railway line is equipped with an electronic signalling system, which means that rail traffic can run at a speed of 180 km/h in both directions.

The tunnel under Storebælt is equipped with an extensive control and safety system that monitors all functions. The system is known as the SCADA system.

All monitoring takes place from Storebælt’s technical monitoring room (TO Room), which is located at the toll station at Halsskov. The railway installations in the tunnel, on the West Bridge and at Korsør, Sprogø and Nyborg stations are monitored from here.

The operations technician attached to Technical Monitoring is able to inform the Regional Remote Control Centre in Roskilde if the railway installations require adjustment for the trains’ speed. Rail traffic is very little affected by weather conditions such as rain, wind and the cold.

Storebælt’s rail section is thus one of the safest and most modern in Denmark.

Closure of the Storebælt railway

Storebælt’s rail section is open around the clock and throughout the year. The railway is very little affected by adverse weather conditions such as rain and storms.

Special wind conditions from the north-west and north-east of 20 – 25 m/secs may mean that a speed of 180 km/h is adjusted to 80 – 120 km/h.

Storebælt’s rail section is not closed to passenger trains which use Diesel Multiple Units.

DSB and Banedanmark regularly send out information on traffic conditions on Storebælt’s rail section.

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