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Social responsibility

Sund & Bælt’s CSR policy is rooted in our values and in the Ten Principles of the UN’s Global Compact, which covers human rights – including labour rights, environmental protection and anti-corruption. Sund & Bælt is affiliated with the Global Compact.

As one of Denmark’s major infrastructure operators, we have certain obligations. Responsibility, therefore, is key to the way we approach our work. At Sund & Bælt, social responsibility is about contributing to social, environmental and financial sustainability, thereby showing responsibility for society around us.

Sund & Bælt complies with current legislation and obligations at all times and our responsibility is focused on areas where we can best make a difference. In our approach to social responsibil-ity, we maintain an open dialogue with key stakeholders. We set goals for our activities and re-port annually on our progress.

Read about the Global Compact

Social responsibility

Sund & Bælt is committed to:

  • Maintaining a healthy and safe working environment and working proactively to prevent industrial accidents involving both employees and partners working at our facilities and in our offices
  • Respecting international human rights in all business activities
  • Working to promote gender equality and non-discrimination

Sund & Bælt’s Working Environment Policy and Human Resources Policy further clarify our approach in the social area.

See our environmental policy

Environment and climate responsibility

Sund & Bælt is committed to:

  • Ensuring that traffic flow on the company’s facilities and the company’s operations and maintenance are regulated with the utmost consideration for the climate and surrounding environment
  • Preventing and minimising environmental and climate impacts from the company’s activities
  • Actively working to ensure the sustainable use of resources and to promote nature conservation

Sund & Bælt’s Environmental and Climate Policy further clarifies our approach in the environmental and climate area.

Financial responsibility

Sund & Bælt is committed to:

  • Continually working to improve our financial performance by setting high standards for growth and value creation and delivering competitive results in these areas
  • Applying a zero-tolerance policy in relation to corruption, including bribery, fraud and extortion
  • Maintaining an open and transparent dialogue with stakeholders

Sund & Bælt’s Anti-Corruption Policy and guidelines for anti-corruption and our Whistleblower scheme further clarify our approach in the financial area. Here you are also able to read about our Code of Conduct for Responsible Procurement which clarify the guidelines in our CSR work for our sponsorship recipients and suppliers.

Sund & Bælt also has Sponsorship policy.

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