Social responsibility

Sund & Bælt supports and respects international human rights, including labour rights. And we expect the same from our employees, partners and suppliers because Sund & Bælt will not be complicit in human rights violations (see Global Compact, principles, 1-6).

Sund & Bælt is committed to:

  • Respecting international human rights throughout the company’s operations;
  • Working with equal opportunities and non-discrimination;
  • Continually identifying areas where our work and unique skills can make a positive contribution to sustainable social development in society;
  • Establish targets and action plans for the coming year’s endeavours;
  • Maintain an open and transparent dialogue with key stakeholders and report on social responsibility on an annual basis;

The right to a safe and healthy working environment under UNGC principle 1 is an example of our policies and initiatives within the area of social responsibility. Sund & Bælt’s objective, therefore, is to maintain a safe and healthy working environment free from industrial accidents for both our employees and partners who work at our facilities and in our offices.

Sund & Bælt’s view is that everyone should feel responsible for their own and their colleagues’ working environment, and that we have a workplace where everyone can thrive and feel secure as a result. We do this by ensuring that everyone receives safety training and by requiring that the appropriate workwear is worn at sites that carry an element of risk.

Moreover, everyone is committed to preventing physical and psychological working environment issues  through pro-active behaviour, c.f. Sund & Bælt’s Working Environment Policy and Human Resources Policy

Environment and climate responsibility

Our fundamental value and attitude is to show responsibility for the environmental and climate impacts that Sund & Bælt’s activities give rise to. Through a proactive effort, Sund & Bælt’s policy is to prevent and minimise environmental impacts from the company’s activities (see Global Compact principles 7-9).

Sund & Bælt is committed to:

  • Ensuring that traffic flow on the company’s facilities and the company’s operations and maintenance are conducted with the greatest possible regard for the impact on the surrounding environment;
  • Contributing to meeting the targets that society imposes within the environmental and climate area;
  • Pro-actively preventing and minimising environmental and climate impacts from the company’s activities;
  • Actively working with the sustainable use of resources and nature conservation;
  • Maintaining an open and transparent dialogue with key stakeholders and reporting on environmental and climate responsibility on an annual basis;

Sprogø Offshore Wind Farm is an example of UNGC principle 9 concerning the diffusion of environmental-friendly technologies. Sund & Bælt’s seven off-shore wind turbines produce over 66 MWh on an annual basis, corresponding to the annual power consumption of 16,000 households.

See our environmental policy.

Financial responsibility

Sund & Bælt believes that social, environmental and financial responsibility is a strategic choice that ensures that our business is healthy – also in the long-term.

Financial responsibility is important for the company’s legitimacy, competitiveness and profitability and is thus fundamental to the long-term operation of our business (see Global Compact principle 10).

Sund & Bælt is committed to:

  • Continually identifying areas where our work and unique skills can make a positive difference to the sustainable economic development of our society;
  • Working on continually improving our financial results by setting high targets for growth and added value and delivering competitive results in these areas;
  • Continuing to apply a pro-active zero tolerance policy in relation to corruption, bribery and extortion;
  • Seeking to improve our capacity and ability to avoid corruption in all its forms;
  • Maintaining an open and transparent dialogue with stakeholders and reporting on an annual basis on our financial responsibility and results.

Sund & Bælt has drawn up a Code of Conduct, which is used by our suppliers.

See also Sponsorship policy.