Visualisering af Femern tunnel

Safety in the tunnel

The Fehmarnbelt tunnel will meet the high safety standards that Denmark, Germany and the EU require. This applies both to the road and rail tubes.

There will be no oncoming traffic and no slip roads in the tunnel. An end-to-end emergency lane, a service gallery and connecting doors between the tunnel tubes every 108m will ensure a rapid escape route for road users and fast access for rescue personnel. An efficient, high-performance ventilation system will blow smoke out of the tunnel in the direction of travel in the event of a fire. A sprinkler system can be activated in the road tubes from the control centre. Emergency stations containing portable extinguishers, hydrants and emergency telephones will be located at 54m intervals.

Control and monitoring

The tunnel will have a permanently staffed control and monitoring centre. Staff at the tunnel’s control centre will monitor traffic around the clock so that every critical situation can be detected promptly and responded to. The final procedures on the part of the emergency services in Denmark and Germany in the event of an accident in the tunnel will be determined later in collaboration with the authorities in the two countries. Plans are for a preliminary emergency service to be established comprising trained staff and light vehicles, located at the portal buildings or in the tunnel itself so that rapid intervention can be activated.

Tunnel phobia

Nothing indicates that tunnel phobia is more common than other conditions such as the fear of flying, bridges or ferry phobia. The phenomenon has had no measurable impact on the Øresund tunnel, and there is nothing to indicate that this will be the case with the Fehmarnbelt tunnel.  Anxiety can, however, be a major problem for the individual and it is naturally in our interest to ensure that all our users have a comfortable experience when they drive through the tunnel. We have, therefore, taken account of this issue in our design work.

We can increase comfort and safety in a tunnel by creating a diverse experience and good lighting and this is what we are planning for the Fehmarnbelt tunnel. The inside of the road tunnel will have colourful, varied and good lighting, decorative elements and clear information with frequent signage so that the 10 minute long journey through the tunnel will feel shorter and more pleasant.

Hazardous goods

The tunnel is designed in such a way that it will be possible to transport hazardous goods under safe conditions and in accordance with national and international regulations. The regulations for the transport of hazardous goods are determined by the authorities, who also impose any restrictions.

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