Social responsibility objective

You can read about the social responsibility target for the current year here.

Human and employee rights

  • No time lost to injuries
  • Max 2% absenteeism
  • No cases of problems with gender equality or the psychological working environment

Environment and climate

  • Excellent road safety, i.e. frequency of accidents with serious injury on Sund & Bælt’s facilities is no higher than on equivalent motorways and railway lines in Denmark
  • No environmental spillages and no damage to nature
  • Reduction of energy consumption and maximum utilisation of waste for reuse and recycling

Business ethics and anti-corruption

  • No corruption cases and no unprocessed whistleblower submissions
  • No document access request cases where the deadline for response has passed
  • No reprimands or complaints from authorities

Responsible supplier management

  • Conduct a minimum of five supplier audits
  • No cases pass unprocessed in instances where suppliers violate Sund & Bælt’s Code of Conduct
  • No cases pass unprocessed in instances where suppliers and/or sub-contractors violate contractual social clause commitments

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