Sprogø Offshore Wind Farm

Sprogø Offshore Wind Farm is part of the Storebælt fixed link and consists of seven large wind turbines, which produce power equivalent to 16,000 households per year. The wind farm became operational in December 2009.

At a time when the climate is high on the agenda, transport and consequently infrastructure are recognised as having a strong impact. As the owner of several infrastructure facilities, Sund & Bælt wishes to set a greener agenda and contribute to increased production of green energy.   We want to do more than just reduce our negative environmental impact. We are working pro-actively to minimise CO2 emissions and produce sustainable energy through Sprogø Offshore Wind Farm.

Sprogø Offshore Wind Farm became operational in December 2009.

Vestas has supplied the seven large turbines which make up Sprogø Offshore Wind Farm.   The turbines are located parallel to the East Bridge, North of Sprogø, in a straight line and at 450 m intervals. They are painted a light grey colour, which complements Storebælt’s architecture and ensures that they blend in naturally with the surroundings.

The tubines are of the type V90 – 3.0 MW

Sprogø Offshore Wind Farm generates 66 million kWh per year. It covers the total energy consumption of all Sund & Bælt’s infrastructure facilities – and produces more green energy than Sund & Bælt requires. Through our various environmental initiatives, Sund & Bælt has not only reduced its CO2 emissions, but has also contributed to a greater awareness of climate change among employees and in society in general. Moreover, we actively promote the spread of green energy.

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