Øresund stationer

Stations along the Øresund line

Of the three stations on the Øresund line, Sund & Bælt owns Tårnby Station and Copenhagen Airport, which is one of Denmark’s busiest stations.

Ørestad station

Ørestad station is sited where the Øresund railway crosses under Ørestads Boulevard. It is an open station with two side platforms, where passengers can change to the Metro. By & Havn (CPH City & Port Development) owns Ørestad station. Ørestad station serves travellers to and from the urban development area, Ørestad, and has become a major commuter station. Sund & Bælt owns Tårnby station and the station at Copenhagen Airport.

Tårnby Station

Tårnby station is located at the Tårnby Torv shopping centre on Englandsvej beneath the western end of the covering.  The platform complex is 6m below ground. It is constructed as a so-called island platform with a track on each side. The platform is widest in the middle (about 15m) and narrowest at the ends. The platforms are 320m long, of which 300m lie beneath the covering.

The station building rises 5m above ground level and includes various service facilities, including stair and elevator access to the platforms. The building has a glass roof that provides daylight and height to the platform ceilings. The main entrance to the station is located on Englandsvej.

Copenhagen Airport Station

The station at Copenhagen Airport is one of Denmark’s busiest stations. In order to connect the station and airport’s functions together, Copenhagen Airports A/S has established a terminal above the station to ensure that passengers can transfer easily between train and plane.

The station is about 320m long. The platforms are 6.5m wide. At the central section of the station, the platform area extends to four double travelators, which bring passengers up and down between the train station and the station terminal. In the middle of the station, there are also stairs and elevators up to the terminal at street level. At each end of the station, stairs lead up to the apron.

From the station, the railway continues to the passenger line below ground in an arc north of the hangar area and emerges to the surface at the man-made peninsula. At the peninsula, it merges again with the freight line, and from here the railway for both passenger and freight trains runs on the same track down into the Øresund tunnel under Drogden.

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