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Storebælt’s walkie talkies to Nepal

Since 2012, Sund & Bælt has been donating IT equipment to Dhulikhel Hospital in Nepal, which is approximately 40 km south east of Kathmandu. All the usable IT equipment no longer needed at Sund & Bælt is collected and sent off to Dhulikhel Hospital.

Prior to these donations, the hospital only had a few computers, but now it can offer patients access to computers and the internet. The equipment also helps small medical clinics in the surrounding areas to keep in contact with Dhulikhel Hospital for advice.

A container full of equipment from Sund & Bælt was sent to Dhulikhel Hospital shortly before the earthquake in April. Its contents included 75 computers, 65 monitors, 20 laptops, 20 servers, 30 networking devices and 100 walkie talkies. The latter are no longer used on the Storebælt Bridge, because they have been superseded by a new communication (ITS) system. They had been used in the tunnel and in emergency situations on the bridge itself, for example.

The two-way radios were immediately put to use in the hospital after the earthquake because all other communication links were either down or unstable.

The arrangement between Sund & Bælt and Dhulikhel came into being through the NepaliMed Denmark organisation as intermediary. Among other things, this inspired Nykøbing Hospital to also consider donating used but serviceable IT and other equipment. So the next time Sund & Bælt sends a container to Dhulikhel, there will also be six respirators from Nykøbing Hospital.

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