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This is where you find information that describes the results from Sund & Bælt and its subsidiaries’ Annual Reports. You can find the Annual Reports of all the companies on the publications page.

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Sund & Bælt Holding A/S

As the parent company, Sund & Bælt Holding A/S handles the overall management of the activities in the 100 per cent owned subsidiaries.

Continued traffic growth and low interest rates upgrade annual profit estimate

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A combination of low interest rates, low inflation and increased traffic across Storebælt in the first half of 2015 has resulted in Sund & Bælt upgrading its profit estimates for the year by DKK 160 million to a total profit of DKK 1,980 million before value adjustments and tax, states the Group’s interim report.

Continued growth in traffic across Storebælt

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Overall traffic increased by 4.6 per cent: passenger car traffic accounted for the largest increase at 4.8 per cent while lorry traffic increased by 2.9 per cent. On average, over 27,000 vehicles crossed the link on a daily basis.