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Preparations for the Fehmarnbelt link extend as far as Ringsted where major work is already underway to upgrade the existing railway between Ringsted and Rødby Havn. A/S Femern Landanlæg, a company in the Sund & Bælt group, is responsible for establishing the approach facilities on the Danish side. Read more about Femern Landanlæg.

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EUR 200 million EIB loan to link Danish rail network to Fehmarn tunnel

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EIB signs 200 million loan with A/S Femern Landanlaeg of Denmark. Financing will be used to improve the Danish rail network connection to the future undersea tunnel. Project concerns construction of new tracks, upgrading existing ones to higher speed limits, electrification and implementation of ERTMS. The Project is located on the Scandinavian Mediterranean TEN-T Core Network Corridor