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The Øresund Bridge is owned and run by Øresundsbro Konsortiet, which, in turn, is jointly owned by A/S Øresund and Svensk-danska Broförbindelsen (SVEDAB) AB. The latter is owned by the Swedish state (Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation) through the Swedish Road Administration and Swedish Rail Administration (50 per cent each), while A/S Øresund is 100 per cent owned by Sund & Bælt, which, in turn, is owned by the Danish State (Ministry of Transport and Building). Read more about the Øresund Bridge.

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Motorvejen ved afkørslen til Københavns Lufthavn

Traffic figures: Øresund facility

The Øresund facility, which comprises a motorway and railway as well as the Øresund Bridge, is one of the most important transport links in Denmark despite its relatively short section.

Good start to the year with more traffic and increased revenue

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Traffic and revenue continue to increase on the Øresund Bridge. Together with continuing good cost management and efficiency, this has resulted in increased profits before interest. At the same time, rising interest rates have increased financial expenses, which means that profits before value adjustment have fallen compared to the same period last year.

Panoramabillede af Øresundsbroen solnedgang

Rail passengers across the Øresund Bridge

The table shows the number of passengers using the Øresund trains across the Øresund Bridge from 2010-14. The figures are based on sales figures. Year 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014…