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Despite its relatively short length, the motorway and railway across Amager to Copenhagen Airport and the Øresund Bridge are among the most important transport links in Denmark. Read more about the Øresund landworks.

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New deputy-chairman in A/S Øresund’s board of directors

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The Danish Government has decided that Mr. Jørn Tolstrup Rohde will take seat of the board of directors of A/S Øresund and as new deputy-chairman of the board. The current deputy chairmen, David P. Meyer and Carsten Koch, are resigning as board members and as deputy chairmen of the board of directors.

Øresund stationer

Stations along the Øresund line

Of the three stations on the Øresund line, Sund & Bælt owns Tårnby Station and Copenhagen Airport, which is one of Denmark’s busiest stations.

Øresunds Landanlæg ved Dybbølsbro st.

The Øresund Railway

The Øresund line comprises approximately 12 km railway for passenger trains from Copenhagen Central Station to the Øresund coast and an approximately 4.2 km railway from Vigerslev to Kalvebodløbet and an approximately 2 km railway north of the airport’s hangar area to the man-made peninsular, Peberholm.