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Sund & Bælt operates and maintains two important rail links – the railway across Storebælt and the Øresund line on Amager.

The approximately 20 km Storebælt railway runs from Korsør via the Storebælt tunnel and the West Bridge to Nyborg. The approximatey 18 km Øresund railway runs from Copenhagen Central Station to Kastrup, with the addition of a freight line from Vigerslev to Kastrup.

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Motorvejen ved afkørslen til Københavns Lufthavn

Traffic figures: Øresund facility

The Øresund facility, which comprises a motorway and railway as well as the Øresund Bridge, is one of the most important transport links in Denmark despite its relatively short section.

Øresunds jernbane

Rail safety policy

The railway must be safe – both for those who use it and for those who work on it.

Storebælts jernbane solnedgang

Rail safety

The monitoring of rail traffic takes place from Banedanmark’s regional remote control centre in Roskilde. The monitoring of the tunnel is via the SCADA system.

Storebælts betalingsanlæg

Road safety policy

As infrastructure owner, Sund & Bælt is focused on road safety. Our road safety policy commits us to making a proactive effort to prevent accidents at our facilities.

Øresund stationer

Stations along the Øresund line

Of the three stations on the Øresund line, Sund & Bælt owns Tårnby Station and Copenhagen Airport, which is one of Denmark’s busiest stations.

Øresunds Landanlæg ved Dybbølsbro st.

The Øresund Railway

The Øresund line comprises approximately 12 km railway for passenger trains from Copenhagen Central Station to the Øresund coast and an approximately 4.2 km railway from Vigerslev to Kalvebodløbet and an approximately 2 km railway north of the airport’s hangar area to the man-made peninsular, Peberholm.

Storebælt Jernbane østtunnel

East Tunnel

The Storebælt fixed link comprises two bridges and a bored tunnel – the East Tunnel. The tunnel is a bored tunnel slightly over 8 km long.

The Storebælt fixed link

The Storebælt Bridge is a unique piece of engineering, which belongs among the world’s largest bridge and tunnel structures. Two bridges and one tunnel make up the 18 km long fixed link across Storebælt between eastern and western Denmark.