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Safety is at the forefront whenever work is carried out on our infrastructure facilities. Nobody is able to work on our facilities without having completed a safety course and all Sund & Bælt’s contractors – large and small – are provided with all relevant safety information when working for us. Read more about safety at our facilities.

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Vedligeholdelsesarbejde på Storebælts hovedkabel

People and the environment

Sund & Bælt wishes to be an attractive workplace which is able to attract, retain and develop talented employees and managers. We believe that committed employees and managers create value for customers and the company.

Øresunds jernbane

Rail safety policy

The railway must be safe – both for those who use it and for those who work on it.

Motorvej ved Storebælt

Road safety policy

Sund & Bælt’s objective is that the company’s road sections should be open round-the-clock, 365 days a year and that traffic should flow smoothly and safely with a high service level for road users.

Sund & Bælt medarbejdere

Working environment

Sund & Bælt works pro-actively to be an attractive workplace, which attends to the health, safety and well-being of employees.

Storebælts jernbane solnedgang

Rail safety

The monitoring of rail traffic takes place from Banedanmark’s regional remote control centre in Roskilde. The monitoring of the tunnel is via the SCADA system.

Tunneløvelse ved brand Storebælt

Storebælt Contingency Services

In partnership with the relevant authorities, Sund & Bælt Holding A/S has established a contingency service that comes into play in the event of an accident on the Storebælt fixed link.

Storebæltsbroens kontrolrum

Safety on the Storebælt Bridge

Every morning, Sund & Bælt’s road service team makes a trip across the Storebælt fixed link to pick up litter and check that all safety precautions are in order as far as road safety is concerned.

Storebælts betalingsanlæg

Road safety policy

As infrastructure owner, Sund & Bælt is focused on road safety. Our road safety policy commits us to making a proactive effort to prevent accidents at our facilities.

Visualisering af Femern tunnel

Safety in the tunnel

The Fehmarnbelt tunnel will meet the high safety standards that Denmark, Germany and the EU require. This applies both to the road and rail tubes.