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Sprogø is a small island in the middle of Storebælt, which links the East and West Bridges. This is also where the train link connects with land or descends into the East Tunnel. Sprogø quadrupled in size during the construction of the Storebælt fixed link. Read more about Sprogø.

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Borgen på Sprogø

Environment and Climate

Sund & Bælt’s fundamental position is to show responsibility for the environmental and climate impacts that arise from our activities.


Sprogø in the middle of Storebælt connects the Storebælt link’s bridges and tunnel. The island measures 154 hectares and as part of the construction work quadrupled in size.

Sprogø Offshore Wind Farm

Sprogø Offshore Wind Farm is part of the Storebælt fixed link and consists of seven large wind turbines, which produce power equivalent to 16,000 households per year. The wind farm became operational in December 2009.