Øresundsmotorvejen ved Kastrup

The Øresund Motorway

The Øresund motorway opened on 27th September 1997 marking a significant advance in mobility at an international, national, regional and local level.

The Øresund motorway is an indispensable traffic artery, which is of crucial importance for the distribution of traffic and for access to Amager, Copenhagen Airport and Sweden via the bridge.

The 9 km long Øresund motorway has changed traffic patterns in the metropolitan area and has had a significant impact on the distribution of vehicles in Copenhagen and on Amager. A large proportion of the traffic to and from the airport has been transferred from the city streets to the screened motorway while the motorway carries considerable local traffic, which is more easily accommodated via the motorway to the next exit.

On the Zealand side, the Øresund motorway, with its easy access to Amager and the airport, has meant that more motorists from the North and West no longer drive through the centre of Copenhagen when heading for Amager, but instead opt for Motorring 3 around the city and then the Øresund motorway.

By 2012, the Øresund motorway had been constantly in use for 15 years and the asphalt layer needed to be replaced. The comprehensive asphalting work resulted in the 9 km long motorway section on Amager acquiring a new noise-reducing asphalt layer and new road markings. As a result, both road users and local residents benefitted from the new, level road surface and not least, the significant noise reduction.

Tårnby Tunnel

Drivers using the Øresund motorway pass through the Tårnby Tunnel. The tunnel is divided into a rail and road tunnel, but constructed as one overall, integrated concrete structure. The rail tunnel is naturally ventilated through the tunnel mouths and a central vent east of Englandsvej. The road tunnel is equipped with mechanical ventilation.

In addition to the lighting and ventilation system, the road tunnel is equipped with a number of technical installations situated in a technical building at the facility, including alarm cabinets, traffic control systems, CCTV monitoring, fire alarms, etc.

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