Øresunds Landanlæg ved Dybbølsbro st.

The Øresund Railway

The Øresund line comprises approximately 12 km railway for passenger trains from Copenhagen Central Station to the Øresund coast and an approximately 4.2 km railway from Vigerslev to Kalvebodløbet and an approximately 2 km railway north of the airport’s hangar area to the man-made peninsular, Peberholm.

The rail line for passenger trains between Copenhagen Central Station and the Oresund coast is a double-track, electrified rail section, run on its own alignment from Copenhagen Central Station through railway terrain to Sydhavnsgade, where it continues through a 1.6 km tunnel to Kalvebod. Here it merges with the railway from Vigerslev before the track continues along a dam and a railway bridge across Kalvebodløbet.

On Amager, the rail line descends again and continues along a cutting to the covered station at Tårnby. From here it runs along a cutting to the tunnel down to the station at Copenhagen Airport and then on to the Øresund Bridge. The line shares the 100m wide alignment with the motorway at the section between West Amager and Kastrup, where the facility is embedded and the slopes are planted with oak, alder and ground cover plants.

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Freight line

The Øresund railway plays a crucial role in the transfer of freight between Norway, Sweden and the Continent and once the Fehmarnbelt tunnel is built, freight traffic will increase significantly.

The freight line is a double-track, electrified rail line from the existing long-distance train network in Vigerslev and on to Kalvebodløbet, where it merges with the railway for passenger trains before the bridge across Kalvebod.  Most of the freight trains that cross in transit can therefore be taken around Copenhagen Central Station.

The freight line is connected to Banedanmark’s rail line in Vigerslev at Gl. Køge Landevej, where it also connects to the new Copenhagen-Ringsted railway line. From here it runs along Valby Idrætspark (sports stadium) and the allotment associations, under Bådehavnsgade and on to Fiskerihavnen and Kalvebod, where it merges with the passenger rail line. The rail freight line on the Zealand side is 4.2 km.

The freight line is also expected to play a key role in passenger traffic, with Ny Ellebjerg as a hub station from where some trains will continue along the ‘freight line’ towards Copenhagen Airport.

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