Thousands use BroBizz at Billund Airport

The option to pay for parking using BroBizz has been successful at Billund Airport; and some 2,700 cars have used the digital alternative at the airport’s car park since the end of June. This corresponds to 16 per cent of all vehicles that have driven through the car park since then, when BroBizz was introduced.

It has become apparent that the installation of the new system for reading BroBizzes has been good for parking at Billund Airport. The figures represent a busy summer. The Regional Manager for Airport Parking at Billund Airport, Peter Rossel, welcomes the fact that nearly every fifth car used the new system.

“This confirms our view that it was right to focus on BroBizz as a digital alternative to our paper tickets. Naturally I hope that we can get even more people to use the system in the future, and we’re working towards more parking areas at the airport offering BroBizz. It’s only available in the car park at the moment,” says Peter Rossel.”

With 700,000 BroBizzes in circulation, it is a widespread solution that, in future, Billund Airport will also invest in.

Parking is a natural growth area for BroBizz

BroBizz was a system that was originally developed for crossing Storebælt, when the bridge opened in 1998. Following the establishment of the EasyGo partnership in 2007, however, it also became possible to use it elsewhere. The CEO of BroBizz A/S, Helle Bech, welcomes the development.

“At BroBizz A/S, we’re constantly working to allow our customers to use their BroBizz at more locations. One focus area is parking where it’s natural to offer BroBizz as an alternative to other forms of payment. As a result, we’re very pleased to collaborate with Billund Airport, and it’s great to see that many of our customers have already taken advantage of the new opportunity,” says Helle Bech.

More benefits for passengers

Apart from not having to worry about a paper ticket when travelling, BroBizz also has the advantage that, when passengers drive into the car park, they can do so via a special lane reserved for BroBizz customers.

“We have a lane that is reserved for passengers who want to use their BroBizz. The barrier goes up automatically when a BroBizz is detected on approach. You don’t have to take a ticket from the automat, and there’s no need to get your credit card out when you return home from your trip,” explains Peter Rossel.

In all, 17,454 cars have driven through the car park since the BroBizz system was introduced.

Further information:

Peter Rossel, Regional Manager, Billund Airport parking –, 21426655

Jan Hessellund, Commercial Manager, Billund Airport –, 27789927

Helle Bech, CEO, BroBizz A/S –, 40593133

About Billund Airport parking:


  • Parking facilities at Billund Airport serve between 700,000 and 800,000 cars a year in total
  • 13,000 parking spaces
  • Monitored by 24/7 manned operations centre
  • Patrols in the area around the clock
  • Accessibility
  • Free start up assistance
  • Electric charging station in the car park
  • Free shuttle
  •


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