Toll Station

The toll station is an integral part of the Storebælt link with more than 30,000 customers passing through it every day.

Storebælt’s toll station incorporates Storebælt’s administration building, which houses the link’s monitoring room – the O room.

The toll station has 13 west-bound and 11 east-bound lanes. There are three types of lane:

  • The fast BroBizz lanes are on the left;
  • The centre lanes are for self-service where motorists can pay using different payment methods – debit/credit and fuel cards;
  • On the right are the lanes staffed by service personnel.

It’s faster in the BroBizz lanes

Capacity in the individual lanes differs. One BroBizz lane can handle around 800 vehicles per hour, while a card lane (self-service) or a staffed lane can handle around 250 per hour.

Above each lane, dynamic signs with coloured pictograms and LEDs indicate which lane it is. Depending on the traffic, the lanes can quickly be changed from, for example, self-service to personal service.

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