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We develop the digital traffic and payment solutions of the future

With over 20 years of experience and expertise in user-paid infrastructure, we contribute to the development of the digital traffic and payment solutions of the future for sustainable infrastructure.

At Sund & Bælt, we have gathered our initiatives for traffic and payment solutions in one division. We call it Tolling.

Bizz and number plate

Brobizz provides automatic payment by means of a bizz and number plate for ferries, bridges, tunnels and parking.

Eurobizz: A comprehensive tolling solution for the whole of Europe

A Eurobizz makes it possible to consolidate tolling across Europe into one contract and one device per vehicle. This allows drivers to avoid cash and debit cards; and have all trips grouped on one invoice.

Provider of digital traffic solutions

In recent years, Sund & Bælt has implemented a range of new traffic and payment solutions. These include: a new toll station on Storebælt; a toll station on Kronprinsesse Marys (Crown Princess Mary's) bridge in Frederikssund; and low emission zones in five cities across Denmark – all delivered by the same operating organisation and on the same system platform.

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Language: English