Vision and values


Sund & Bælt wants to make travelling easier in Denmark.


Sund & Bælt will operate and develop its activities in the overall infrastructure effectively for the benefit of the Danish population and that in neighbouring countries.


Sund & Bælt has four core values that express what is important to us:

We bring people together

Our main task is to create links. Links between regions, modes of transport and between people. We take pride in the fact that our customers can travel easily, comfortably and safely across Denmark. It should be simple and uncomplicated to get from one place to another. We endeavour every day to save seconds. For the benefit of the individual.

We are ambitious

We are ambitious for our customers, society and on our own behalf. We strive to make travelling easier. This requires a high degree of professionalism, strong co-operation and commitment. And it happens only because we as employees are constantly pushing the boundaries and setting the bar high for the service and the performance we provide.

We are responsible

For us, infrastructure is more than about moving people and goods from A to B. It’s about being a responsible core business, which is based on well-functioning infrastructure, and it is about demonstrating responsibility to the customer and for the environment around us. We must dare to find solutions that reach into the future for the benefit of the next generations. We do not only deliver what is expected. We go one step further. For we feel a special responsibility to strengthen the value of infrastructure for society.

We are responsive

As society and customer needs and expectations for infrastructure evolve, we evolve too. We as employees are open to the outside world; we listen – and then we act accordingly. We wish to be at the forefront of the development of society and customer expectations, so that we can find new solutions and help develop infrastructure in Denmark.