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Working environment

Sund & Bælt works pro-actively to be an attractive workplace, which attends to the health, safety and well-being of employees.

Our objective is to maintain a healthy and safe working environment free from industrial accidents. For Sund & Bælt, the working environment in terms of movement and work on our facilities and at the toll station on the Storebælt Bridge are particularly critical. Our efforts are based on a working environment policy and a management system that supports continuous improvement.

We organise mandatory safety training for all employees and contractors who need to perform work on Storebælt’s road and railway. We analyze and investigate all accidents with a view to improvements. External suppliers who work at our facilities are required to report accidents.

Healthy employees – greater well-being

The healthier Sund & Bælt’s employees are and the more they thrive, the stronger our company is. Consequently, we work with the following employee-focused initiatives on a daily basis.

  • Safety committee meetings with employee safety representatives four times per year;
  • Healthy food in our canteens;
  • Policies for anti-bullying and senior flex jobs;
  • Staff benefits such as free and anonymous health checks, support in cases of stress and the services of a physiotherapist, chiropractor, psychologist, masseur and dietician.
  • Smoking policy and the opportunity to join stop smoking courses funded by Sund & Bælt
  • Sports activities

Read more about the working environment at our CSR reporting.

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