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European Electronic Toll Service (EETS) at the Danish Kilometer Tolling Scheme

This page aims at providing the necessary information and ensure coordination with EETS Providers concerning implementation of the Danish Kilometer Tolling Scheme and future EETS Domain for kilometer-based toll for trucks in Denmark.

EETS Providers in accreditation

On 30 April 2023 Sund & Bælt closed for applications to the accreditation procedure for the Danish Kilometer Tolling Scheme. Six EETS Providers have applied to be accredited as part of the first round. For information on the accreditation status of the EETS Providers, please see the table below. 

Organisation Country Letter of Application  Tests Accreditation Date of Accreditation  
Brobizz Denmark Approved Not started In progress N/A  
SkyttelPASS A/S Norway Approved Not started Ceased N/A  
Telepass S.p.A. Italy Approved Not started In progress N/A  
tolltickets GmbH Germany Approved Not started In progress N/A  
Toll4Europe GmbH Germany Approved Not started In progress N/A  
ØresundPAY Sweden Approved Not started In progress N/A  


The table will be continuously updated as the accreditation procedure progresses. 

For detailed procedural requirements, and/or the accreditation procedure in general, please refer to the published draft of the EETS Domain Statement and Annex C (Accreditation Procedure).



Contact us

Please contact us if you have any EETS-related enquiries concerning the Danish kilometer-based toll for trucks.


We will do our outmost to respond within 72 hours.

Business model

The Kilometer Tolling Scheme’s business model is referred to as a Toll Charger dominant model, where the toll calculation is performed centrally by the Toll Charger on the basis of GNSS data received from several EETS providers. 

Frequent EETS users must have a contract with an EETS provider, which enables toll payment by a means of identification (GNSS OBE) on the Toll Charger’s EETS domain on which the EETS provider is registered and accredited to provide toll services. The EETS users settle the toll directly with the EETS providers. For occasional users, a single-use toll ticket solution will be made available for purchase online by the Toll Charger. The toll ticket solution will allow users to buy a ticket for a specific journey on the tolled network through a web interface. 

The Danish Toll System Register and EETS registration procedure

The Danish Road Directorate is responsible for maintaining the Danish Toll System Register as well as the EETS registration procedure in the Member State of Denmark according to Article 4 of the Directive (EU) 2019/520.

Read more on the Danish Road Directorate's official website. 



Questions and answers 

You can find questions and answers here: FAQ

EETS Domain Statement and contracts

The toll domain-specific requirements and the contractual framework are currently being finalised. Information regarding the accreditation procedure, including the time schedule with which the EETS Provider should comply, can be found in the draft documents published under "Documents".

Updated drafts can be found below and were published on 17 May 2023. 


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