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An attractive workplace

We understand the importance of job satisfaction, motivation and job flexibility and we care about offering our employees good opportunities for personal development, further training and employee benefits

At Sund & Bælt, we’re keen to provide a workplace where individuals share responsibility for their own development. Relevant training and development programmes are agreed at employee development reviews or whenever they become relevant. Managers and employees are encouraged to ensure consistency between the latter’s qualifications and the skills that the company requires for current and future jobs.

Employee Development Reviews

At Sund & Bælt, the employee development review is an integral part of the company. During these conversations, managers and employees discuss performance and well-being and relevant development activities. New areas of responsibility are identified and agreed.

Physical and psychological working environment

We take a systematic approach to creating a good physical and psychological working environment.

At Sund & Bælt we offer all our employees medical treatment insurance so t

Sund & Bælt offers a range of employee benefits, e.g.
• Massage/reflexology at work (user paid in part)
• Family-friendly flexible working

Pension scheme and life insurance

Sund & Bælt has set up a pension scheme with flexible saving and investment opportunities. Our accident insurance covers our employees both at work and during their leisure time. Sund & Bælt employees are also covered by a group life insurance scheme.

Language: English

Language: English