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Registration for safety courses

Everyone who is going out on one of Sund & Belt's facility must have passed a safety course, which you can register for here. The purpose of the courses is to provide knowledge of the structure of the facilities as well as information on safe behavior so that dangerous situations and accidents are prevented.

Sund & Bælt's safety courses are online-based and can be completed anywhere there is internet coverage.

The courses can be taken in Danish, English and German.

You can choose between the following courses, depending on where on the facilities the work is to be carried out:

  • Work on construction, road and rail – Great Belt and Øresund land construction
  • Work on construction, road and rail – Øresund land construction*
  • Traffic assistant in tollbooth - Storebælt

*Currently available only in Danish

Registration for the relevant course takes place in the form below. All mandatory fields must be filled in.

When your contact person/Asset Operations Manager at Sund & Bælt has approved your course application, you will be sent an email with a link to the applied for course. It may take up to 10 days before you receive the link.

The course must be renewed after two years. Notification of this is automatically sent to the email address you have registered under.

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Language: English

Language: English