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About us

Infrastructure for people, business and security of supply

A holistic approach

Sund & Bælt is responsible for society's largest transport construction investments and improves connections in Denmark nationally and internationally. All for the benefit of people, business and security of supply.

As a state-owned company, we always work on a long-term and holistic basis. Sund & Bælt provides analyses of possible future transport links; we establish the financing of politically determined solutions; and we are responsible for the design, construction, operation and maintenance of our facilities throughout their operational life. In doing so, we create better infrastructure without undermining prosperity. Sund & Bælt’s business model generates profits and our solutions support socio-economic growth.

Improved mobility

The Storebælt Bridge's 254m high pylons are well known to every Dane, and it is a matter of fact for most people these days that East and West Denmark are connected across land. Furthermore, the bridge itself is a visible symbol of our deep-rooted expertise in the construction and operation of bridges and tunnels.

We offer substantial insight into everything from construction methods and choice of materials to environmental analyses and international tendering processes. We possess the necessary IT systems and production facilities and not least, we have the organisation and skill sets for construction, operation, data collection and maintenance for an entire service life.

We handle complex infrastructure

Whether it is bridges, tunnels, road systems or other complex transport construction projects, we are able to build largescale and complex links with a high level of predictability and minimum risk.

Digital solutions

Sund & Bælt's expertise also includes the development of complex digital solutions. We use advanced data-driven technology for the maintenance and operational life extension of infrastructure facilities as well as for the operation of links and toll systems – including traffic management, number plate recognition, application operation, risk management, etc.

In addition to our own facilities, digital solutions can also be used for traffic management elsewhere in society – e.g. low emission zones, road tolls or speed control.

Technology boosts mobility

At Sund & Bælt we utilise the opportunities offered by technology to ensure travellers benefit from well-functioning infrastructure.

Promoting sustainability

Sund & Bælt promotes sustainability through its overall activities. We ensure a good working environment and contribute to an inclusive labour market that develops people and enhances professionalism through responsible recruitment and training of the next generation – all in close collaboration with the relevant organisations and authorities.

We take the greatest possible account of the impact of our activities on the climate and the surrounding environment in both the construction and operational phases – including working actively for nature conservation and the sustainable use of resources.

This allows us to promote sustainable travel on road and rail in both the Danish context and on the European transport corridor. We minimise climate-impacting detours and congestion, and we increase dynamism in business and society.

Sustainability is in our DNA

We are committed to being one of Denmark's major infrastructure managers. Sund & Bælt bears a social responsibility and wishes to contribute to social as well as environmental and economic sustainability.

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Language: English