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Our Employees

Our highly qualified employees

Sund & Bælt Holding A/S employs 316 full-time employees who work for the parent company and for the 100 per cent owned subsidiaries. The Group’s employees are employed by Sund & Bælt Holding A/S and BroBizz A/S respectively. 145 people are engaged in operational work, 120 work on Femern A/S’ construction project and 51 in the issuer organisation, BroBizz A/S. Most of the operational work is outsourced and is carried out by 200 individuals at private service companies and contractors.

Our fundamental approach

Sund & Bælt wishes to attract, develop and retain employees with the qualifications and skills necessary to achieve Sund & Bælt’s objectives.

The group offers employees attractive terms and conditions and is responsive to the individual’s wishes and needs. We wish to be a company where people want to work, irrespective of age and experience.

The framework for a good working life is defined in Sund & Bælt’s personnel policy, which covers policies for the family, seniors, health & safety, alcohol and smoking, pay, bullying, student/internships/flex jobs and gender equality as well as Sund & Bælt’s values and internal guidelines.

Fundamental approaches to gender equality policy at management level in general

Sund & Bælt sees diversity management as a benefit that makes a positive contribution to our work and enhances the efficacy of our management team. We seek to establish greater gender equality through recruitment, retention and development with a view to having more female managerial candidates and a higher proportion of female executives in general.

Every year, all our employees are asked about development opportunities, including management development opportunities. This allows both male and female employees to consider whether a managerial position may be relevant for them.

Sund & Bælt is focused on ensuring that both male and female managers can take maternity/paternity leave and that they are given the opportunity for flexible working hours and methods.


Language: English

Language: English