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Projects in Europe

Since Partner A/S was established in 2001, the company has been involved in a number of projects in Europe.

The fixed link to Saaremaa, Estonia

This is a 10 km fixed link between the mainland and the island of Saaremaa. The objective was to identify the most feasible solution for a fixed link between the mainland and Saare County.  Partner A/S was engaged to provide consultancy services for the Ministry of Economic Affairs through the Road Directorate on environmental, transport economy, financial and execution issues and draw up frames of reference for future initiatives.

Immersed tunnel at Porto Garibaldi, Italy

The Province of Ferrara has plans to construct an immersed road tunnel at Porto Garibaldi. The tunnel will replace an existing bridge, which is part of the main route SS 309 Romea between Venice and Ravenna, allowing development opportunities in the coastal area. The tunnel is planned to contain two lanes and a cycle path in each direction. Partner A/S has provided consultancy services to the Province of Ferrara.

Citytunnel, Sweden

Den 17 km long Citytunnel connects the Øresund link with the main railway station in Malmö. The tunnel has significantly improved the efficiency of train operations for passengers and for freight transport in Malmö. Partner A/S was responsible for tasks relating to planning, tender documents, strategy, design and geotechnology.

Tunnel under the Bosphorus, Turkey

A Japanese financed project is responsible for constructing Turkey’s first rail link between Europe and Asia under the Strait of Bosphorus in Istanbul. The project centres on an approximately 2 km long immersed tunnel 75m below sea level. At each end of the immersed tunnel, bored tunnels will connect the rail line to Turkey’s existing rail network. Partner A/S has provided technical, strategic and organisational consultancy to the supervising consultant.

Preveza-Aktio tunnel, Greece

The Preveza-Aktio tunnel in Greece opened to traffic in July 2002. Partner A/S assisted the client, TEO-AKTOR JV, with the planning of their operations and maintenance tasks.

The Messina Strait, Italy

A 3 km suspension bridge connecting Sicily with the Italian mainland has been planned. Partner A/S has assisted COWI with the planning, specifically in connection with operations and maintenance.

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Language: English