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Asset Management

We deliver results through Asset Management

Digital collaboration creates results

In recent years, Sund & Bælt has sought to digitise and optimise the maintenance of the Storebælt Bridge in collaboration with experts in the fields of technology and consultancy.

We utilise and analyse data from several thousand measuring points and sensors. This means that we can predict and plan future maintenance work more accurately. 

We wish to deliver 2 per cent annual productivity, including ensuring the optimum Life Cycle Costing in new infrastructure. It is crucial that we deploy our experience and data as well as share our knowledge – both within the industry and further afield.

Knowledge about our infrastructure optimises maintenance

Our objective is to reduce operating costs. Despite ageing infrastructure, our aim is to keep cost levels stable after 2023. Greater insight into the condition of our infrastructure helps us to make better decisions about when to repair or replace. Asset Management can help us with this – and bring financial benefits.

Asset Management on the agenda

At Sund & Bælt, responsibility is part of our DNA. We want to play our part in spotlighting and spreading awareness about the importance of Asset Management.

This is why we are part of the national association, Asset Management Denmark. The association aims to bring together industries, companies and people looking to get maximum value out of their assets.  

We seek to disseminate and promote knowledge and best practice as well as enhance professional skills. We also wish to contribute to the development of Asset Management.

We are part of AI Innovation House

We showcase our knowledge within Asset Management at AI Innovation House. The innovation playground brings the latest knowledge of digitisation and AI down to eye level. It also enables us to meet with other companies, knowledge institutions, official bodies, networks and students and together translate ideas into concrete solutions.  

Photo by AI Innovation House

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Language: English